Thursday, April 5, 2007

Episode 7: Straight Black to Manabi

Opening Theme: Genshiken Opening theme - "My Pace Daioh" by manzo

Show notes:

Lane Garrison, former member of the cast of Prison has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. He was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and caused his vehicle to crash. A teenager in his vehicle was killed in the accident.

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy have been renewed until 2011-2012.

The Grey's anatomy cast will have pay raises when they sign onto their new contracts. Some very significant.

The L Word (specialty drama on lesbian life) has been renewed for a 5th season.

Geneon and Bandai Visual have announced a partnership in the licensing and distributing department.

A new wave of cafes may have come. A butler cafe has open in Japan in Akihabara. This cafe has a similar style as a maid cafe, but with the obvious difference: butlers.

Anime has hit it up to the big screen in Hong Kong by making it to the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

A giant Gundam lanturn has been constructed in Taiwan by a teaching assistant at the Taipei National University of Arts.

Bleach is airing in Latin America in the near future. Viz Media is in negotiation with a cable network.

Much Music will be airing a Beck marathon throughout the middle of March. The first 5 episodes will be repeated over and over.....

The first ever Seiyuu awards occured in Japan in Tokyo. Most of the results were expected. Full list of award winners below.'s-first-ever-seiyuu-awards-announced

A live-action Slam Dunk movie is in the works. It will be a Taiwanese-Chinese production.

Evangelion stamps are available at Japanese post offices.

A review of The Black Donnellys was given by Sven. Final Rating: Steal it from a friend.

"Meet the Donnelly brothers: Tommy, Jimmy, Kevin and Sean. There is nothing these four Irish brothers wouldn't do to protect each other, and for them that means lying, cheating, stealing and, occasionally, calling the cops. Narrated by wannabe gangster Joey "Ice Cream," this gritty series bears witness to the Donnelly brothers' sudden involvement in organized crime, focusing on how they go from boys to mobsters, and showing how their new life affects their relationships with friends, family and lovers."

A review of Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight was given by Daisuke. Final Rating: Steal it from a friend.

"The year is 2035 and schools have been suffering from a lack of child birth which has caused many of them to close. An energetic girl named Manami Amamiya transfers to a new school where she quickly becomes the student council president and starts to bring back some vigor in the students' lives."

Info from Anime News Network,, Random Curiousity, and any other sources we missed.

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